Mulberry 1986 full movies free online

Mulberry 1986 full movies free online

Mulberry 1986 full movies free online

Mulberry 1986 full movies free online: Firstly, Sam-po is a gambler living without concern for how his wife will manage their household without his earning money.

In order to get food and provisions, his wife An-hyeob, sleeps with various merchants in the village. However, One of the few men she does not sleep with, a lustful servant named Sam-dol, decides to reveal her activities to her husband for revenge.

An-hyeop, a beautiful young woman, lives in a small village in Korea during the Japanese occupation. Her husband, Sam-bo, is a traveling gambler who returns home for short periods after months away.

During his long absences, An-hyeop earns food, money and other goods by picking mulberry leaves (뽕 ppong in Korean) for a neighbor who raises silk-worms, and also by having sex with nearly every male in the village.

Angered by An-hyeop’s influence over their husbands, the village women conspire to drive her away, first by beating her, and then by convincing the village elder expel her. When the elder visits An-hyeop’s home to convince her to leave, she instead wins him over to her side by seducing him. So, The only man An-hyeop refuses to have sex with is Sam-dol, the village servant.

Frustrated and infuriated, Sam-dol retaliates by telling An-hyeop’s husband about her sexual promiscuity when he returns to the village. […] The film closes with a lively, humorous ode to Spring and mulberry. Finally, …..

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Movie: Mulberry
Hangul: Ppong
Revised romanization: 뽕
Director: Doo-yong Lee
Writer: Do-hyang Na, Sam-yuk Yoon
Release Date: February 8, 1986
Runtime: 114 min
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
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Lee Mi-Suk
Dae-kun Lee
Mu-jeong Lee

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