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Moebius 2013 full movies free online

Moebius 2013 full movies free online

Moebius 2013 full movies free online

Moebius 2013 full movies free online: Firstly, A housewife (Lee Eun-Woo) becomes enraged with jealousy over her husband’s (Cho Jae-Hyun) affair. Meanwhile, their son (Seo Young-Joo) sits in the periphery, observing their violent confrontations. One evening, the housewife takes a kitchen knife into their bedroom to exact revenge on the father. The father though is able to repel her attack and throws her out of the bedroom. The mother then goes into the son’s room.Notes

  1. Filming took place from March 10, 2013 through March 15, 2013.
  2. “Moebius” is director Kim Ki-Duk’s 19th film.
  3. Director Kim Ki-Duk and actor Cho Jae-Hyun previously worked together in 2001 film “Bad Guy”.
  4. Moebius originally received the “restricted” rating from the Korea Media Rating Board on June 1, 2013. The “restricted” rating means the film can only be shown at specialist theaters designated to show “restricted” films, but there aren’t currently any of those theaters in South Korea. Outside of certain Korean film festivals, where the film can stil be shown, “Moebius” cannot be screened in South Korea in its original form.
  5. Movie was resubmitted to the Korea Media Rating Board. Roughly, one minute and 40 seconds were cut out from the original film. Director Kim Ki-Duk hopes that the movie is released in South Korea by September, 2013.[1]
  6. After editing out 2:30 seconds of footage and on its third attempt, “Moebius” received a rating of “restricted for teenagers” which allows it to screen in general movie theaters in South Korea.

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  • Movie: Moebius
  • Revised romanization: Moebius
  • Hangul: 뫼비우스
  • Director: Kim Ki-Duk
  • Writer: Kim Ki-Duk
  • Producer: Kim Ki-Duk, Kim Woo-Taek, Kim Soon-Mo
  • Cinematographer: Kim Ki-Duk
  • World Premiere: September 3, 2013 (Venice Film Festival)
  • Release Date: September 5, 2013
  • Runtime: 88 min.
  • Genre: Arthouse / Dysfunctional Family
  • Distributor: Next Entertainment World
  • Language: None
  • Country: South Korea


Cho Jae-Hyun as father

Seo Young-Joo as son

Lee Eun-Woo as mother

Lee Eun-Woo as convenience store woman Additional Cast Members:

  • Kim Jae-Rok – doctor
  • Kim Jae-Hong – gang leader
  • Jung Soo-Kyo – prisoner 2

Film Festivals

  • 2013 (70th) Venice Film Festival – August 28-September 7, 2013 – Out of Competition *World Premiere
  • 2013 (38th) Toronto International Film Festival – September 5-15, 2013 – Masters *North American Premiere
  • 2013 (9th) Fantastic Fest – September 19-26, 2013 *U.S. Premiere
  • 2013 (21st) Filmfest Hamburg – September 26-October 5, 2013 – Asia Express
  • 2013 (18th) Busan International Film Festival – October 3-12, 2013 – Panorama
  • 2014 (30th) Imagine: Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival – April 9-18, 2014
  • 2014 (14th) New Horizons International Film Festival – July 24-Aug. 3, 2014 – Panorama
  • 2014 (13th) New York Asian Film Festival – June 27-July 14, 2014 *New York Premiere