Miss Butchers Shop 2017

Miss Butchers Shop 2017

Miss Butchers Shop 2017

Miss Butchers Shop 2017: Firstly, Soon-Ae (Seo-Young) opens a butcher’s shop. So, The butcher’s shop is popular due to its flavorful meat. On the other hand, Most of the store’s customers are male. Meanwhile, man’s body is found at a hotel near the butcher’s shop. However, the man was brutally murdered. Soon, more murders are found with similarities to the first murder. One day, Detective Kim (Kim Min-Jun) stops by the butcher’s shop and meets Soon-Ae. Since then, Detective Kim keeps a watch on Soon-Ae. Then,
Secondly, A thriller about a woman and a mysterious murder case. Finally,..

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Movie: Miss Butcher (literal title), 미스 푸줏간 [무삭제] 2016, Miss Butchers Shop 2016
Revised romanization: Miseu Pujutgan 2016
Director: Ji Kil-Woong
Writer: Choi Won, Ji Kil-Woong
Producer: No Il-Hwan
Cinematographer: Jo Bong-Han
Release Date in South Korea: January 11, 2017
Runtime: 94 min.
Genre: Comedy / Romance / Drama, Mystery •Detective •Thriller
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Cast: Kim Min-joon 김민준 As Kim Goo-ho (김구호)
Seo Young 서영 As Oh Soon-ae/Oh Soon-jeong (오순애/오순정)
Son Jong-hak 손종학 As Chief of criminal investigation (수사과장)
Lim Seong-eon 임성언 As Seol Soo-jin (설수진)
Kim Hae-sook 김해숙 As Necropsic (부검의)
Lee Joon-hyuk-I 이준혁 As Choi Joong-gi (최중기)
Kong Jung-hwan (공정환) as Lee Gi-wook (이기욱)

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Additional Cast Members:

Lee Tae-Geum – Kang Jung-Woo
Jung Se-Hyung – Ko Jin-Soo
Son Min-Suk – Jo-Sun
Ku Hye-Ryeong – caregiver 1
Park Eun-Young – caregiver 2
Joo Hee-Joong – male reporter
Yu Seung-Ok – health time MC

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