Majimak Sekseu Geurigo Sarang 2011

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Majimak Sekseu Geurigo Sarang 2011

Majimak Sekseu Geurigo Sarang 2011

Majimak Sekseu Geurigo Sarang 2011: Firstly, attended kicked out of a job, to make matters worse, the hospital found the body disorders appear to Hee positively shocking diagnosis. It just seems that she is HIV-infected patients in primary care was Her memory lane with Knight a few months ago I had slept in the meeting seemed to be due to foreign mayikol.

Having drunk to sleep with each other eojjieojji do not know how to say a word, but it would have English, Kyung Hee am a meeting was not with itself long. Relationship with the man with the groin after the strange red spots all over body, itchy and even worse than the feeder until it eventually disgrace because of AIDS! Recheck the request of doctors, despite their illnesses as AIDS, Kyung Hee convinced the shop gathered to pay 30 million won, as tenacious as greedy and get the last trip decided to leave.

Country: South Korea

Time: 66min

Release Date: 10-11-2011

Also Know As: Last Sex and Love 2011

Director: Lee Se-il

Writer: Lee Yeon-ji
Genre: Drama,Eroticism

Cinematography Lee Se-il
Light Song Jae-hyeon
Music Lee Geun-su
Record Lee Gi-seon

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