Lusty Tales of Married Women 2017

Lusty Tales of Married Women 2017

Lusty Tales of Married Women 2017

Lusty Tales of Married Women 2017: Firstly, Episode 1 Wife’s Revenge
A wife suspects her husband of having an affair so she convinces a husbands friend to help her get revenge.

Episode 2 Orgasm Addict
A husband’s hometown friend comes to stay as his home. One day when the husband is away, the friend learns something new from the wife about life and dangerous love.

Episode 3 Overnight Classmates
A man who has lived alone and without marriage due to erectile dysfunction meets a former classmate who makes his body feel alive.

Eposode.1 아내의 복수아내는 남편이 외도를 하고 있다고 의심을 한다. 그래서 남편의 외도를 확신하고 복수를 하기 위해 남편 친구를 유혹하는데.Eposode.2 오르가즘 중독녀남편의 고향후배 학철은 선배 대환과 미정 부부의 집에서 당분간 지내게 된다.그러던 어느 날 남편 대환이 며칠간 집을 비우자 미정과 학철은 사랑에 빠지게 되고 경험이 전혀 없었던 학철은 미정에게 새로운 것들을 배워가며 위험한 사랑을 이어가게 되는데Eposode.3 동창생과의 하룻밤발기부전 때문에 결혼을 포기하고 외롭게 살아가던 민석, 동창회에서 만난 친구 정아 를 만나면서 부터 언제 그랬냐는 듯 그의 성기는 정아를 향해 무섭게 돌진하는데

Three stories though written well, solid and fluent, another league so that they make it one, I did not like the part of the cinematography, it’s ridiculous by the production budget, another bad point is the position of the cameras, so bad that is, is even ridiculous, a total lack of professionalism the cast is cool, friendly and nice, good point, the very elegant costumes. In short “Lusty Tales of Married Women” is not a film that can be taken into account, just by having a good story.

Lusty Tales of Married Women 2017

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Also Known As: 유부녀 야썰 2017, yu-bu-nyeo ya-sseol 2017
Directed by Choi Seok-won-I (최석원)
Screenplay by:
Runtime: 88 min
Release in South Korea: May 7, 2017
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Cast: Se Ah 세아, Ah Ri 아리, Yoo Jin-I 유진

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