Lover My Wife’s Man 2018 full movie free

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Lover My Wife's Man 2018 full movie free

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Lover My Wife’s Man 2018 full movie free

Lover My Wife’s Man 2018 full movie free: Firstly, Stop peeking and let’s have a fling. Min-ho works at a private detective agency where peeking into others’ lives is what he does. One day, a pretty woman named Mi-na asks him to tail her husband and Min-ho is in for a shock. The man he’s tracking down is in an affair with his wife, Soo-kyung. The place they meet each other is usually Min-ho’s house after he’s gone to work. Min-ho installs secret cameras to catch theem in action and watches the scene with Mi-na.

Do we want to cheat with you? 
Minho is a Heungshin employee who earns money by sneaking into the privacy of others. One day, a beautiful woman Mina asks her husband for a back investigation, and Min Ho, who is investigating it, is shocked. The reason is that the woman that Mina meets secretly is the wife of his wife. Moreover, immoral place is Minho’s house after Minho goes out. Minho sets up a hidden camera in his house to catch the evidence, and sits side by side with Mina to steal the infidelity of her husband and Sukyung.

Lover My Wife’s Man 2018 full movie free online

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