Love Copyright 2015 full movies

Love Copyright 2015 full movies

Love Copyright 2015 full movies

Love Copyright 2015 full movies: Firstly, Stalking is the wrong path to love. A man falls for an inappropriate method of loving which leads to a crime. Jin-ah stalks Dong-hyeon and thinks she has him, but loses everything after the truth is revealed. Yeong-min, who has been watching them, has ruined himself while watching them get wrecked. Too much desire leads to a hopeless situation…

I went to a friend’s house … my sister friends are sleeping! Popular yaseol writer Arnold unspeakable soksajeong! ‘Girlfriend and a senior section in anger‘, ‘friend sister series‘ such as the Internet yaseol popular writer Arnold. The reality is cram schools instructor and New Year subsistence dream of literary writers elected the same name (choejaehwan).

One day before his first love Yeon (Wang Bit-na) appears. He claims the copyright of “the older section girlfriend and anger” of the novel, and wrote asking to share the proceeds from punishment for that! So Yeon love to hate the already after the first failure.

Popular erotic fiction writer, Arnold’s secret untold predicament!

Arnold is a popular online erotic fiction writer famous for his ‘Sex with senior student’s girlfriend’ and ‘Friend’s older sister series’.
However, he is writer Dong Myeong in reality, who dreams of winning the New Spring Literary Contest and works as a tutor at a preparatory school to make a living.

Love Copyright 2015 full movies

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One day, his first love So Yeon appears in front of him. Sheclaims the copyright of his novel, ‘Sex with senior student’s girlfriend’ and asks him to share the profit he has made from the novel so far. It was an unbearable complete nonsense for Dong Myeong, especially when he kept hating So Yeon and has maintained the acquired negative images about women since the bitter experience after his first love failed.

So Yeon declares she will never leave his house until she receives the royalty. Dong Myeong treats her like a ghost and has made sure he will not give her the money. Nevertheless, she keeps staying in his house and walks around in her lingerie. She acts just like the way she used to 10 years ago as to she might or not let him have her.
Will So Yeon be able to receive the royalty for the novel in which she appeared as the leading role? Will Dong Myeong be able to make passionate love with his first love like the protagonists of his erotic novels?


AKA 사랑에도 저작권이 있나요? / Do you love to copyright?
Native title: 사랑에도 저작권이 있나요?
Also Known as: Sarangedo jeojakkwoni issnayo?
Genres: Comedy
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 21 May 2015 (South Korea)
During: 111 min

Directed by: Choi Kyeong-jin
Jae-Hwan Choi as Dong-Myung
Bit-na Wang as So-Yeon
Lee Kyu Hyung as Su Yeon’s Husband
Baek Jae Ho
Park Myung Shin
Kim Ki Yeon

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