Love Clinic 2015​ full movies free online

Love Clinic 2015​ full movies free online

Love Clinic 2015​ full movies free online

Love Clinic 2015​ full movies free online: Firstly, Shin Seol is a virgin female urologist. Her main job is to give a medical treatment to men who lost confidence at night. However, Seong Ki is a male obstetrician who suffers from the traumatic memory. After failing to deliver a baby on Cesarean operation, he becomes impotent even with the sexiest girls. When the two open clinics in the same building and become neighbors, they conflict each other on everything. One night Seong Ki finds blind drunk Shin Seol on the street, and carries her home. When she accidentally touches his thing, strange enough IT responds. Finally,

Other name: Balchikhan Geunyeo, Kkachilhan Geunom; Cheeky She, Stuck Up He; Cheeky She, Prickly He; 발칙한 그녀, 까칠한 그놈; Taste of Love

A female urologist and a male obstetrician open clinics in the same building. They become entangled and cure their own pain through each other.

Filming began January 3, 2014 and finished on May 12, 2014. Last scene filmed took place at the Royal Palace apartment complex in Bundang, South Korea. The last scene filmed involved Wang Sung-Ki (Oh Ji-Ho) and Kim Shin-Seol (Gang Ye-Won), who live in the same building, meeting in the lobby and having an argument.
Early working title was “Balchikhan Geunyeo, Kkachilhan Geunom” (“Cheeky She, Prickly He”).

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Movie: Love Clinic
Revised romanization: Yeonaeui Mat
Hangul: 연애의 맛
Director: Kim Arron
Writer: Lee Sang-Eon, Moon Jung-Won
Producer: Kim Dong-Gyoon, Lee Sang-Jin, Joann Shon
Cinematographer: Lee Hee-Sub
Release Date: May 7, 2015
Runtime: 101 min.
Genre: Romantic-Comedy
Distributor: WAW pictures, Showbox
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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Oh Ji-Ho as Wang Sung-Ki
Gang Ye-Won as Kil Shin-Seol
Ha Ju-Hee as Maeng In-Young
Kim Min-Kyo as photographer
Hong Seok-Cheon as psychiatrist
Kim Chang-Ryul as man on blind date
Oh Min-Suk as foreign car owner

Additional Cast Members:

Hong Yi-Joo – Ahn Gong-Joo
Lee Hyo-Jeong – Shin-Seol’s father
Hong Yeo-Jin – Shin-Seol’s mother
Han Sung-Sik – Kim Young-Chul
Kim Jae-Man – Shin-Seol’s patient
Son Kwang-Eop – Shin-Seol’s patient
Choi Ryung – Kang Hyun-Min
Park Ji-Hwan – senior in medical school (past)
Kim Ri-Won – Hyun-Min’s fiance
Park Sun-Hee – middle-aged obstetrician
Kim Kyung-Jin – human shadow BMW man
Kim Joong-Hee – snack cart 1

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