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Love at the end of the world 2015

Love at the end of the world 2015

Love at the end of the world 2015

Love at the end of the world 2015: Firstly, Seok-won was found murdered at home. So,The suspect is his daughter Yoo-jin (Kong Ye-ji). However, Her mother Ja-yeong (Han Eun-jeong) struggles to get Yoo-jin free and not guilty. The two of them live a normal everyday life but they’re both traumatized. Then one day, Ja-yeong meets Dong-ha (Jo Dong-hyeok) and opens up to him….
Love at the End of the World.

Secondly, Ja-Young (Han Eun-Jung) lost her husband 3 years ago. One day, Dong-Ha (Jo Dong-Hyuk) appears in front of Ja-Young and her daughter Yoo-Jin (Kong Ye-Ji). On the other hand, Ja-Young falls in love with Dong-Ha who is tender. So, She begins to dream of happy life with Dong-Ha.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Jin feels lonely since her mother is always busy with work. She begins to have feelings for Dong-Ha. Finally,..

Filming took place from April 20, 2015 to May 28, 2015.

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Movie: Love at the End of the World (literal title)
Revised romanization: Sesangggeutui Sarang
Hangul: 세상끝의 사랑
Director: Kim In-Sik
Producer: Yoo Yeon-Soo
Cinematographer: Kim Dong-Cheon
Release Date: November 12, 2015
Runtime: 100 min.
Genre: Romance
Distributor: Storm Pictures
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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Han Eun-Jung as Seo Ja-Young
Jo Dong-Hyuk as Dong-Ha
Kong Ye-Ji as Jung Yoo-Jin
Lee Hee-Jin as Lee Mi-Yun

Additional Cast Members:

Kim Sung-Bum – Song Do-Young
Park Ji-Yeon – attendee 3
Yoo Yeon-Soo – Professor
Hong Hee-Won – Oh Yang-Ho

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