Love Affair Married Couple’s Carpool 2018

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Love Affair Married Couple's Carpool 2018

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Love Affair Married Couple’s Carpool 2018

Love Affair Married Couple’s Carpool 2018: Firstly, Married couples give each other all kinds of rides. Dae-sung and Jung-won have been marred for two years. They are car pooling with the married couple next door. Woo-sung and Tae-hee don’t interfere with each others’ lives. However, these two couple don’t just share cars, they share each others’ wives too…

Couples who ride next door with the car and ride other things (?)! 
Daesung and Yard are married couples. I am commuting with my next door couple. Woo and Tae Hee next door are free couples who do not interfere with each other’s private lives. But in fact, these two couples not only ride a car together, but also share sex with each other and enjoy sex.

옆집부부와 차도 같이 타고, 다른 것(?)도 타는 커플들!
대성과 정원은 결혼 2년차 부부다. 친하게 지내는 옆집 부부와 출퇴근 카풀을 하고 있다. 옆집의 우성과 태희는 서로의 사생활에 간섭하지 않는 자유로운 부부다. 그런데 사실 이 두 커플은 차만 같이 타는 것이 아니라 서로 상대방아내를 공유하며 섹스까지 즐기는데…

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