Living Together: My Friends Girlfriend 2017

Living Together My Friends Girlfriend 2017

Living Together My Friends Girlfriend 2017

Living Together My Friends Girlfriend 2017: Firstly, The girl of a webtoon author’s dreams has moved in, but she is his friend’s girlfriend. When his friend leaves for work, the webtoon author and his dream girl are left alone.

Secondly, The girl of the friend I want to have entered my house!
On the other hand, One of the high school alumni ‘Bong Seok’ and his girlfriend ‘Yoon Hee’ comes into the house of the upstart Webtoon writer ‘Condition’.
Please do not come out of the accident, while living in uncomfortable cohabitation, ‘Bongseok’ leaves the house because of work, ‘Yun Hee’ is left.
Since then, the ‘condition’ has continued to live in breathtaking coexistence with feelings of opposite sex to ‘Yoon Hee’ … Finally, they get….

갖고 싶은 친구의 여자가 우리 집에 들어왔다!
신출내기 웹툰 작가 ‘병태’의 집에 어느 날 고등학교 동창인 ‘봉석’과 그의 여자친구인 ‘윤희’가 들어온다.
제발 사고나 나지 않기를 바라며 불편한 동거를 하던 중, ‘봉석’이 일 때문에 집을 떠나고 ‘윤희’만 남게 된다.
그때부터 ‘병태’는 ‘윤희’ 에게 이성의 감정을 느끼며 아슬아슬한 동거를 계속하게 되는데…

Also Known As: Cohabitation: Friend’s girlfriend 2017, 동거:친구의 여자친구 2017, dong-geo: chin-gu-eui yeo-ja-chin-gu 2017
Directed by Ahn Geum-sung ( 안금성)
Screenplay by Yoon Young-gil (윤영길)
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 75 min
Release in South Korea: 2017/09/28
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Cast: Ahn Na-kyung (안나경), Lee Jin-goo-I (이진구), Kim In-ae (김인애), Jo Wan-jin (조완진), Son Yoo-rak (손유락), Do Mo-se (도모세), Lee Ri-e (이리에), Heo Ra-kyeom (허라겸)

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