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Let’s Go To Rose Motel 3 2013

Let’s Go To Rose Motel 3 2013

Let’s Go To Rose Motel 3 2013

Let’s Go To Rose Motel 3 2013: Firstly, The place where deals are made, Rose Motel. Seong-soo hasn’t had any physical contact with his girlfriend yet after 6 months of being together so he’s always excited to see her. One day, Seong-soo succeeds in getting Min-ae into Rose Motel. When he is about to shower, Seong-soo discovers a small hole in the wall leading to the next room and watches the couple next door having intercourse. Seong-soo continues to watch out of curiosity but realizes he just watched celebrity Sara giving sexual favors to a big shot politician…

Chan-ho (Lee Jong-joon) is a playboy who obsessed with Jae-hee (Seo Yeon-joo), although she won’t allow him physical affection unlike other girls. He tries everything but she doesn’t give in. Then one day, Jae-hee opens up and they have sex, but there’s nothing but physical pain and agony for her. She then hears that Chan-ho has been cheating on her with someone else and she decides to take revenge. Lastly, they get..

Title: Let’s Go To Rose Motel 3 – Wandering
Hangul: 가자! 장미여관으로 3 – 방황
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 87min
Release date in South Korea : 2013/08/14

Directed by Sin Jeong-gyoon (신정균)
Sung Eun-chae 성은채 As Sa-ra (사라)
Jang Sung-won 장성원
Woo Do-hwan-I 우도환
Son Bi-ya 손비야

Genre: Korean 18+


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