July 32nd 2010 full movies

July 32nd 2010 full movies

July 32nd 2010 full movies

July 32nd 2010 full movies: Firstly, Directed by Jin Seung Hyun, the curiously titled indie drama July 32nd is inspired by the short story “Full Moon” by acclaimed writer Ko Un. Screened at the 2008 Fukuoka Film Festival and the 2008 Shanghai Film Festival, the film depicts the tumultuous relationship of a killer and his daughter, whose lives are upturned on July 31, 1987. Pursued by the police, he leaves his five-year-old daughter in someone else’s care, promising to pick her up the next day. But the next day never comes because he soon arrested. Years later, the abandoned daughter has grown up, and the waiting has turned into the longing for revenge.

July 32nd 2010 The film was not very successful, addressing issues such as abandonment, revenge, security and prostitution in a realistic manner, that chiro that such issues have long been exported Kim Ki Duk’s films and other filmmakers film unfolds independenti.Actiunea in 1987, with the center or a murderer named Man SuAcesta take his daughter for five years, Rosie, one of his missions, but during surgery he is forced to flee the police with a prostitute in ‘red light district’ Man su injunghieun cop in picor, ruinandu her life. Therefore cop decides to take revenge, finding his peace until Su Man does not come after grace.

The killer Man Su, takes his 5-year-old daughter to an assignment in the red light district. He forced to flee when he surprised by the police. He leaves his daughter with a prostitute. Man Su puts a detective, Jang, in his leg to take him out. The bitter Jang decides to take revenge, by waiting until Man Su is behind bars, then abducting his daughter Rosie and selling her to a brothel on a remote island.

July 32nd 2010 full movies

A few years later, Rosie is older and still working as a prostitute on the island. Her income disappears in Jang’s pocket. She hates her father, who holds them responsible for her fate and swears to kill him. A young man helps her escape to Busan, but her health slowly declines. Meanwhile, her father released from prison. He makes frantic efforts to find her again. Jang is also aware of his release.

The poster for the film is better than the film. There are lots of marvelously colored and composed frames; the cinematography is almost Ping Bin Lee/Christopher Doyle level awesome, but it’s also the only compelling thing about the film. July 32nd wears its character development and plot devices on its sleeve. Everything comes off like a daytime soap opera with black and bluish-purple mood lighting.

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Also Known As: 7월 32일 2010
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 98 min
Release in South Korea: 22 April 2010
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Seung-Hyeun Jin
Park Eun Soo
Kim Jeong-kyoon
Seong Hye Rim
Kim Min-ki
Shin Cheol-jin
Hong Seok-yeon

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