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House With A Good View 2013 full movies

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House With A Good View 2013 full movies

House With A Good View 2013 full movies

House With A Good View 2013 full movies: Firstly, A-Ra (Ha Na-Kyung) works at a real estate office as the director. She also has clandestine meetings with some of her male customers for fun. Meanwhile, Mi-Yeon (Kwak Hyun-Hwa) begins working at the same real estate office. She hates it when men look at her body. One day, Mi-Yeon notices that somebody is secretly watching her and she gets excited. Mi-Yeon then begins exposing herself to the person watching her …

The secret love of a man who becomes a woman, starts now. So-hee has been seeing Tae-woo for a long time. One day, a new man named Eun-hyeok appears in front of her and proposes. So-hee has already promised to marry Tae-woo so she’s not easily moved by Eun-hyeok’s proposal. She refuses him by saying she loves women more than men and he becomes shocked. He goes under gender transplant to go back to her and becomes a woman named Eun-joo.
Eun-joo moves close to So-hee and Tae-woo’s honeymoon house. She watches their life day by day. She plots to take So-hee away from Tae-woo…   Title: House With A Good View – Voyeuristic Desire AKA: Voyeuristic Desire 2013
Hangul: 전망 좋은 하우스 – 관음적 욕망
Release date in South Korea : 2013/11/20
Director: Jin Dal-rae (진달래)
Genre: Melodrama, Romance Runtime: 69min | Cast
Kang Ji-seong (강지성)
Song Ah-im (송아임)
Sun Eve (선이브)
Sin Yeong-woong (신영웅)
Kim Ji-won-II (김지원)

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