Hot For Teacher 2006 full movies

Hot For Teacher 2006 full movies

Hot For Teacher 2006 full movies

Hot For Teacher 2006 full movies: Firstly, Set within an all boys Christian High School, a beautiful new trainee teacher (Kim Sa-Rang quickly gains the attention of the students and faculty. Meanwhile, a school festival is set to take place and the trainee teacher is set to teach dance to three students. A rumor then spreads that the trainee teacher has had an affair with one of the students.

Secondly, Strict teachers, all those hours inside four walls, all your desires and youthful energy repressed. School is an endless drag – until she comes along. Uhm Ji Young (Kim Sa Rang of A Love to Kill) has a perfect body and metric tons of sex appeal, and she knows it. Needless to say, all the students go crazy, and the male teachers too! They should be preparing for the annual school festival, but they’re all occupied with other matters.

Then a scandal erupts. However, The three major suspects are the school’s trio of professional playboys, Kim Tae Yo (Ha Suk Jin of See You After School), Bae Jae Sung (Park Jun Kyu of My Wife is a Gangster 2), and Ahn Myung Seop (Ha Dong Hoon of My Boss, My Teacher). A particularly strict teacher is after them. His mission: find out who slept with her? Finally,

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Movie: Hot for Teacher (English title) / Who Slept with Her? (literal title)
Revised romanization: Nuga Geunyeowa Jasseulgga?
Hangul: 누가 그녀와 잤을까?
Director: Kim Yoo-Sung
Writer: Kim Hyun-Hee, Kim Yoo-Sung, Kim Seon-Mi, Jung Tae-Won
Producer: Jung Tae-Won
Cinematographer: Choi Ji-Yeol
Release Date: November 16, 2006
Runtime: 109 min
Genre: Comedy / School
Studio: Taewon Entertainment
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Kim Sa-Rang as Uhm Ji-Young
Ha Seok-Jin as Kim Tae-Yo
Park Jun Gyu as Jae-Sung
Ha Dong-Hoon as Myung-Sub
Lee Hyeok-Jae as Sirasoni
Shin Hyun-Joon as Jae-Sung’s father
Kim Won-Hee as Jae-Sung’s mother
Shin Yi as Urologist
Lim Hyung-Joon as sex shop owner
Baek Il-Seob as Priest
Park Chul-Min as Ahn Do-Min

Other Cast Members:

Yoo Chae-Young – Jo Ji-Na
Lee Joo-Sil – Principal Nun
Kim Hee-Chan – kid 2
Kim Jong-Min – head teacher
Cha Yub – wolf 2
Ko Kyu-Pil – wolf 3
Jung Jae-Sung – administrative director
Yoon Bok-In – Hwang Dae-Hee
Kim Hee-Chang – teacher 2
Park Jong-Hyeok – Jae-Sung (young)
Yun Ki-Won – sex shop customer (cameo)
Kim Hae-Gon – Jae-Sung’s manager (cameo)

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