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Good Sister in Law Forbidden Love 2015

Good Sister in Law Forbidden Love 2015

Good Sister in Law Forbidden Love 2015

Good Sister in Law Forbidden Love 2015: Firstly, The fantasy of the unstoppable desire of the elder brother who loved sutu!

Secondly, Hae Young (Vicky), a successful female psychotherapist, is secretly asked by her sister Ha-ju (Lee Seung-chae) one day. Former Woo Sung (Kang Sung-pil) rejects himself in bed unlike before. So, HaYoung, who accepts a request from her sister that she can treat her marital relationship with psychotherapy, finds out that her brother has desire for her, not her sister, during Hypnotherapy.

처제를 사랑한 형부의 멈출 수 없는 욕망의 판타지!

성공한 심리치료사로 승승장구 하고 있는 여의사 하영(비키)은 어느날 언니 하주(이승채)에게서 비밀스런 부탁을 받는다. 형부 우성(강성필)이 예전과 달리 잠자리에서 자신을 거부한다는 것. 심리치료로 부부관계를 치료할 수 있다고 언니의 부탁을 받아들인 하영은 형부의 최면치료 도중 형부가 언니가 아닌 하영 자신에게 욕망을 품고 있다는 사실을 알게 되는데…

On the other hand, a man in love with his sister-in-law can’t stop fantasizing about her. Ha-yeong (“Viki”) is a successful psychologist. One day she gets a secretive request from her sister Ha-joo (Lee Seung-chae). Apparently Ha-joo’s husband Woo-seong (Kang Seong-pil) is refusing to have sex. Hence, Ha-yeong agrees to be their couple therapist but finds out that her brother-in-law actually has sexual desires for her and not her sister…

Fantasy unstoppable desire for a sister-in-law brother-in-law loved! Doctors who succeeded triumphantly as therapist Xia Ying (V) is subjected to one day ask secret from her sister Shipper (yiseungchae). Brother-in-law that it Dominance (gangseongpil) refused to sleep in their own, unlike before. Therefore, During the hypnosis of which are hayoungeun brother brother-in-law that can be treated with psychotherapy relationship the couple accept her sister’s favor is the fact that there is to know yourself, not having the desire to Xia Ying sister …

Good Sister in Law Forbidden Love 2015

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Also Known As: 착한 처제 (chak-han cheo-je), Nice Sister In-Law 2015, Good Sickness 2015, Good Sister in law 2015
Directed by Kang Hoon (강훈)
Screenplay by:
Runtime: 97 min
Release in South Korea: 2015/11/19
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Cast: Baek Da-eun (백다은), Kang Seong-pil (강성필), Lee Seung-chae (이승채)

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