Good Sex 2013 full movies free online

Good Sex 2013 full movies free online

Good Sex 2013 full movies free online

Good Sex 2013 full movies free online: Firstly, Two unemployed friends have the brilliant idea of shooting adult videos in a different way, turning the van of one of them into a kind of “mobile motel”. As if that were not enough, their partners must approach in the street, persuading them until they get into the van. But as not all of them fall into the chat, Jae Hun and his friend will have to turn around and findother ways to convince them to take part in the videos.

Ore is a rental van kkodeugyeo know the type, and then leave it laying there driving a camera hanging mess jaehun followed the van to ride. Ore jaehun to look at porn in Japan there is room suggested that we let the bus. Hunting brought by a woman in the street got a hot sex with in the van to go home and have sex even suggested such a thing, and what a curious-looking and … jaehun is consent. While moving the car to find the two men walking target.

Suddenly stones have a camera out naganeunde stopped the car as jaehun out. Jaehun close to hew stone is going to start hunting for some distance, a woman, and in his own mind. If you burned while Can we interview Internet Broadcast Being a woman looks like a college student in the car. Jaehun finally burned in the car and entered the stone and the stone work … jaehun is taking the express me physically get into work, while slowly …

Good Sex 2013 full movies free online

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The gem stole his brother’s car, rented a bongo car, and then left the driving and touched the camera. Jae – seon tells Jae – hoon that there is a room bus when he watches the Japanese fart, and he suggests that we try to do it. I hunting a hot girl on the street, I have sex in a car and I go to my house, I have sex, and I suggest to do something like that … Jae Hun, who is curious, agrees. Two people looking for a target while moving by car. Suddenly, a gem stole a car and went outside.

The gem starts to hunting the girl in her own mind, but she takes a little distance to get closer. I wonder if I should be interviewed because it is an internet broadcast, and I pick up a woman who looks like a college student. I took a job in the car and finally got into the job.

It seems synopsis of adult film only that it was to be an adult romantic comedy. Got bad, huh, director Lee Seil!
Pretty much everything in this movie sucks, except for the cast, choice, but lousy acting, if lying convincing lies. How to get on the street, five minutes of talk and leave releasing general, unless it is a professional the possibility is practically remote, at least while it has improved a bit, however it is all very obvious, women seem professionals doing point Waiting for the two, frankly, director was drunk, when he mentioned that the movie would be soft, a comic and comic novel …
It was not what happened, “Good Sex” does not fit into adult film much less adult romantic comedy, it is simply a film excreted by a clueless guy.


Native title: 전망 좋은 차 맛있는 섹스
Also Known as: 전망 좋은 차 – 맛있는 섹스 ,
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Mature
Country: South Korea
Lanuage: Korean
Runtime: 84 min
Release in South Korea: March 13, 2013
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Director: Ishii

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