Good​ Day For Sexy Video 2016

Good​ Day For Sexy Video 2016

Good​ Day For Sexy Video 2016

Good​ Day For Sexy Video 2016: Firstly, In this movie the sister of Hero report to her mother what she saw saying “My little brother was spanking the monkey”. Then, Wondering you can ever guess what her mother reply. On the other hand, Her mother reply “What? Did he spank the daughter?” Because the expression ‘spank the monkey’ translated as ” hit the daughter” in South Korea.(ddal=daughter chida=hit, spank)

When the protagonist was masturbating and spot by his sister, he make a frown face and matched to the crying sound of the baby with excellent timing.

Secondly, Tenth graders Oh Dong-seok, Lee Dae-bal and Ryu Ki-seong live in the same neighborhood and go to the same school. Although, They are enjoying their summer vacation. However, They attend a discussion academy to apply for university and slowly, they start getting interested in women. Meanwhile, They open up to porn. They always talk about it and share new porn, getting deeper into the world of it. Everything looks like porn to them. So, They have wet dreams and spend a period of passion and blood-boiling time. Then, Dong-seok likes AV actress Yakijaki from Japan. A new girl named Mi-ae comes to their discussion class and he likes her because she looks like his favorite porn star. However, He’s happy he can see the star on porn and Mi-ae in real life. Finally,….


Also Known As: 야동보기 좋은 날 (ya-dong-bo-gi joh-eun-nal)
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotc, Comedy •Fantasy, Mature
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 103 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/08/08
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Kwon Moon-seon (권문선)
Screenplay by Kwon Joong-mok (권중목)

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Kim Hyun-mok 김현목 As Oh Dong-seok (오동석)
Lee In-seon-I 이인선 As Mi-ae/Yaki Jocky Mi-ae (미애/야키자키미애)
Choi Tae-joo 최태주 As Ryoo Gi-seong (류기성)
Lee Gi-hwan 이기환 As Lee Dae-bal (이대발)
Kim Seo-ha 김서하 As Mi-ae’s father (미애아빠)
Kim Seul-gi-III 김슬기 As Dong-seok’s elder sister (동석누나)
Min Hyo-kyeong (민효경) as Dong-seok’s mom (동석엄마)
Jang In-bo (장인보) as Flower beggar (꽃거지)
Jang So-ra (장소라) as Flower beggar’s lover (꽃거지애인)
Kwon An-na (권안나) as Elder girl next door (옆집누나)
Kim Ji-han (김지한) as Taxi driver (택시기사)

Kwon Moon-seon (권문선) as Car sex bizarre man/Stand-up bar guest (카섹스엽기남/선술집손님)
Jeong Noon-kkot (정눈꽃) as Hunting girl/Mi-ae (헌팅녀/미애)
Jo Hee-seong (조희성) as Essay writing private educational institute teacher (논술학원선생님)
Kim Hye-rim (김혜림) as Park girl (공원뒤태녀)
Kim. Go-eul (김고을) as Stand-up bar part-timer (선술집알바)
Kim Do-hee (김도희) as Mi-ae’s best friend (미애단짝친구)
Lee Woo-rim (이우림) as Stand-up bar guest (선술집손님)
Yoo Jae-hyeok (유재혁) as Stand-up bar guest (선술집손님
Kim Joo-hyeon (김주현) as Dong-seok’s dad (동석아빠)

Thus, Good​ Day For Sexy Video 2016 is the best movies we should watch at free time…

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