Gan shi yan tan 1991 full movies online

Gan shi yan tan 1991 full movies online

Gan shi yan tan 1991 full movies online

Gan shi yan tan 1991 full movies online: Firstly, Ghouls come back from their spirit world, when their seals are broken and fight each other so much…

This is a curious movie, juxtaposing the ‘hopping vampire’ genre with porn sex scenes. Fairly low budget yet convincingly looking like the period piece it purports to be, it is a semi-comedy that suddenly jumps to explicit penetration shots – the first one with a ‘necrophilia’ slant to it. Although not dubbed in English (it does have subtitles), it appears to have been filmed without sound and dubbed in whatever Chinese dialect later. Amidst the vampires and porn there is also a smidgen of kung fu and a little sorcery effects.

Also Known As:​ Vampire fuckers 1991

Gan shi yan tan

Love stories of the living dead
Gyonsi Yim Tam
Phap Sa Du Tinh
Gan shi yan tan

Genre: Classic, All sex, Horror
Date Release in Taiwan: 01-01-1991
Cast: Chiao-Niang Chin, Niao-Wang Lan, Mei-Chiao Lin, Lo Pa, Li-Ching Tsui, Ai-Hua Tu, Jun-Fa Tu

Plot Keywords: zombie | Chinese vampire | sex | vampire | hardcore

Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Production Co: Hung Yang Film Company
Run time: 67 min
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

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