From Seoul to Varanasi 2011 full movies

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From Seoul to Varanasi 2011 full movies

From Seoul to Varanasi 2011 full movies

From Seoul to Varanasi 2011 full movies: Firstly, A successful married couple go through turbulent times. The husband (Yoon Dong-Hwan) is the CEO of a publishing company. He has an affair with a writer who works for the publishing company. Meanwhile, the wife (Choi Won-Jung) looks for something missing in her life. She signs up for a yoga class with a friend. After the yoga class, the wife notices a male friend (Nollaig Chandra Vedan Walsh) of her yoga instructor. The man is from Lebanon and works at a Middle Eastern restaurant nearby. When the wife pulls out of the garage to drive home, she knocks over a sign belonging to the Middle Eastern restaurant. The owner comes out and yells at the wife in arabic. The male friend of the yoga instructor comes out and calms the owner down. He then writes down the wife’s phone number to receive payment for the repair of the restaurant sign. The next day, the arabic man passes out in the street. The hospital staff finds only a piece of paper with a phone number in his belongings. The hospital calls the phone number, which belongs to the wife of the CEO of the publishing company. She comes out to the hospital. A friendship begins between the arabic man and the house wife. Their friendship quickly turns more serious and she soon becomes involved in matters nobody would expect. Meanwhile, the husband begins to suspect his wife is having an affair.

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  1. Filming took place from January – June, 2011.

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  • Movie: From Seoul to Varanasi
  • Revised romanization: Bulryunui Sidae
  • Hangul: 불륜의 시대
  • Director: Jeon Kyu-Hwan
  • Writer: Jeon Kyu-Hwan
  • Producer: Choi Mi-Ae
  • Cinematographer: Choi Jung-Soon
  • World Premiere: October 2011 (Busan International Film Festival)
  • Release Date: February 14, 2013
  • Runtime: 96 min.
  • Distributor: Kino Eye
  • Genre: Drama / Arthouse
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Yoon Dong-Hwan as Young-Wu

Choi Won-Jung as Ji-Young Additional Cast Members:

  • Nollaig Chandra Vedan Walsh – Kareem
  • Lee Yoon-Sang – Young-Wu’s friend
  • Park Bum-Shim – novelist
  • Oh Sung-Tae

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