Eun-Ha 2016 full movies

    Eun-Ha 2016 full movies

    Eun-Ha 2016 full movies

    Eun-Ha 2016 full movies: Firstly, Eunha, who is a stateless person, is imprisoned for charged with murder. Then, A warmhearted, cool headed correctional officer goes through turbulent changes of his emotions after he meets the woman. So, the movie depicts the extraordinary love between the two in the limited space of a penitentiary facility.

    Secondly, Seo-Joon (Lee Jung-Jin) works as a prison officer. Since his wife passed away, he has closed himself off to much of the world. On the other hand, he begins to change after he meets Eun-Ha (Lim Soo-Hyang).

    Eun-Ha has wandered the world in a state of restlessness and finally arrived in South Korea with hope. Cold reality then devastated her. Eun-Ha is now in prison, charged with her murder. Finally,….
    Filming begins May 15, 2015 in Hongseong, Chungcheongnam Province, South Korea.

    Movie: Eun-Ha 2015, 은하 2016, eun-ha 2016
    Revised romanization: Eunha
    Hangul: 은하
    Director: Lim Jin-Seung
    Release Date: January 24, 2016
    Runtime: 97 min.
    Production Company: Golden Tide Pictures
    Distributor: Golden Tide Pictures
    Language: Korean
    Country: South Korea

    Lee Jung-Jin – Seo-Joon
    Lim Soo-Hyang – Eun-Ha
    Park Joo-Hyung
    Jo Bok-Rae
    Myung Gye-Nam
    Kim Seo-Won – attorney

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    Genre: Korean 18+


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