Emotional Women-I’ll Teach You 2017

Emotional Women-Ill Teach You 2017

Emotional Women-Ill Teach You 2017

Emotional Women-Ill Teach You 2017: Firstly, Forbidden women who could only taste in dreams! An exciting departure begins under their hands! So,
Secondly, Juni is adopted at the age of 15, and every time she sees her young and beautiful aunt, she knows she is a family and can not stop her lust. The desire to be forgotten when the years go by are waking up again as my parents live abroad with their aunts. In addition, the aunts reveal their bustling heart and begin to attract Jayu first … Finally,

꿈속에서만 맛볼 수 있던 금단의 연상녀들! 그녀들의 손 아래 짜릿한 일탈이 시작된다!
준이는 15살에 입양이 되며 만난 젊고 예쁜 이모들을 볼 때마다 이제 가족이란 걸 알면서도 욕정을 멈출 수가 없다. 세월이 흘러 어른이 되면 잊혀질 줄 알았던 그 욕망은, 부모님의 해외여행으로 이모들과 동거를 하게 되면서 다시 깨어난다. 게다가 이모들은 풍만한 가슴을 드러내며 먼저 준이를 유혹하기 시작하는데…

Also Known As: Evangelicals: I’ll teach you 2017, 연상녀들-내가 가르쳐 줄게 2017, Soft woman I’ll teach you 2017
Directed by Iridan 이리단
Screenplay by:
Runtime: 71 min
Release in South Korea: 2017/01/01
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Cast: Rosie 장미희, Min Eunji 양은지, Min Ho 민호

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