Death In Desert 2015 full movies

Death In Desert 2015 full movies

Death In Desert 2015 full movies

Death In Desert 2015 full movies: Firstly, Do-Kyung meets his ex-girlfriend Ga-In on the day before his wedding. Ga-In tells him that she is pregnant with his baby and begs him to spend one night with her. While they are at a motel, an unexpected case takes place.
1.Related titles (No Zin-Soo’s “Obsession” trilogy):
1. The Suffered | Pihaejadeul (2014)
2. Death in Desert | Jit2: Bulkeun Nakta (2015)
3. Angel is Dead | Sarangbadji Mothan Yeoja (2017)

Dogyeong the day before his wedding, he meets an old lover who was Cain. Pregnant with his child, saying she came to beg them to send as dogyeong only last night. Dogyeong that Cain is an unexpected event occurs while sending a final stop at the motel affair, Manda dogyeong is nearing death. Fortunately, the motel owner gives byeongsu to overwrite events Cain is freed unharmed in police investigations, byeongsu requires overnight in return for a Cain. At first, for the benefit of each other.

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Movie: Death in Desert
Revised romanization: Jit2: Bulkeun Nakta
Hangul: 짓2 : 붉은 낙타
Director: No Zin-Soo
Producer: Lee Soo-Sung
Cinematographer: Lee Sung-Jin
Release Date: August 6, 2015
Runtime: 80 min.
Genre: Thriller / Romance
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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Ko Won 고원 As Ga-in (가인)

Kim Min-gi 김민기 as  Do-Kyung

Ryoo Han-hong 류한홍 as Byung-Soo

Additional Cast Members:

Lee Do-Ah – female doctor

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