Covet Island of Desire 2017

Covet Island of Desire 2017

Covet Island of Desire 2017

Covet Island of Desire 2017: Firstly, people who are on fishing boats in a secluded countryside wake up to their deepest desires. On the other hand, money, sex, power … In the uninhabited desert where there is endless desire, it turns out that somebody is found as a body and another person is on the island. However, Can they escape safely from the island of desire?

Secondly, A group of young people set out to camp on a remote island, where the deep desire in their hearts for lust, greed, and pride that despairs to the end when accidentally one of the young people has just killed his friend … Little did they know that the author is a psychopath .. And now? So, how to safely escape this island of lust?

If there is something that could spoil movies is the exaggeration, clear example in the movie, which can be separated into two, two distinct films, one good and the other not so much, “Covet Island of Desire” enters the list of mediums thanks to Stories and their inner suspense for survival.

Also Known As: 탐하다:욕망의 섬 2017
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance, Drama, Suspense, Thriller
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 81 min
Release in South Korea: January 1, 2017
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Han Jae Bum
Screenplay by
Cast: Kim Yeong-Hyeon, Park Cho-hyeon, Yu Naang

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