Confession 2015 full movies free online

Confession 2015 full movies free online

Confession 2015 full movies free online

Confession 2015 full movies free online: Firstly, Lost memories, my lost ego…Someone is behind this! Secondly, Sang-woo survived a car explosion. He lost his memory but he was able to return to a normal life thanks to his wife Yoon-hee who takes care of him with devotion. However, Sang-woo starts to feel alienated from himself in the past and the ‘him’ his wife talks about. So, He starts getting suspicious. On the other hand, He also finds out his wife was having an affair and becomes obsessed with finding out about his past. Thirdly, A man starts to follow his steps and Sang-woo is even more confused. Then, ‘What kind of a person was I in the memories lost?’ So, The shocking truth is revealed. Finally,…

Also Known As: 고백 (go-baek)
Genre: Drama, 18+, Mystery
Country: South Korea
Lanuage: Korean
Runtime: 101 min
Release in South Korea: 2015/08/20
Quality: HD
Directed by Jeong Yeong-bae (정영배)
Screenplay by Jeong Yeong-bae (정영배)

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Kim Young-ho 김영호 As Yoo Sang-woo (유상우)
Yoon In-jo 윤인조 As Im Yoon-hee (임윤희)
Choi Chul-ho 최철호 As Lee Min-sik (이민식)
Choo So-young 추소영 As Seo Mi-hyeon (서미현)
Kim Eun-hwan 김은환 As Professor Park (박교수)
Park Min-gyu 박민규 As Lee Sang-wook (이상욱)
Kim Kyeong-nam (김경남) as Kim Hyeon-min (김현민)
Lee Dong-hak (이동학) as Unemployed neighbor (옆집백수)
Ahn Tae-rang (안태랑) as Doctor (의사)
Yeo Hye-jin (여혜진) as Nurse (간호사)
Park Seon-jeong (박선정) as Cafe kudzu tea girl (다방칡차녀)
Lee Seong-min (이성민) as Mi-hyeon’s student 1 (미현 학생1)
Park Han-se (박한세) as Presentation student (발표학생)
Park Yeong-myeong (박영명) as Physical therapist (물리치료사)
Ryoo Hyeon-yeong (류현영) as Theatre Hyeon-yeong (극단 현영)
Woo Je-joon (우제준) as Staff 1 (스텝1)
Ahn Seung-won (안승원) as Mi-hyeon’s follower (미현제자)
Kim Byeong-gi (김병기) as Operation detective squad chief (작전형사반장)

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