chin-goo noo-na 2016 full movies

chin-goo noo-na 2016 full movies

chin-goo noo-na 2016 full movies

chin-goo noo-na 2016 full movies: Firstly, “Do you want to live in my house?”Living with my friend’s hot sister! Joon-soo learns that his friend Hee-gyu’s sister Hee-jin has no where to go after being scammed, so he suggests living with him.

Secondly, The two start living together. However, They are close like brother and sister but they can never be that. So, The two start getting funny and Joon-soo can’t go to sleep at the thought of Hee-jin sleeping just a wall away from him. Then, Mi-na, Joon-soo’s girlfriend notices Joon-soo changing and seduces Joon-soo at his house where Hee-jin is. On the other hand, Is it the girlfriend or the sister? Finally,….

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Movie: Friend’s Older Sister,My Friend’s Older Sister 2016
Revised romanization: Chingu Nuna, (chin-goo noo-na)
Hangul: 친구 누나
Director: Chae Kil-Byeong
Producer: Kim Seung-Won
Cinematographer: Kim Hong-Ki
Release Date: March 10, 2016
Runtime: 84 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Park Cho-hyeon 박초현 As Hee-jin (희진)
Kim Seong-hwan-I 김성환 As Joon-soo (준수)
Joo In-cheol 주인철 As Jae-seok (재석)
Seo Joon-yeol 서준열 As Hee-gyoo (희규)
Lee Kyeong-joon (이경준) As Head of department (부장)
Hong Doo-ri (홍두리) As Stockings girl (스타킹 녀)
Park Dae-gyoo (박대규) as Dong-hyeok – Cameo (동혁)
Ah Ri (아리) as Joon-soo’s mom – Special appearance (준수엄마)

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