Cheonbuk Gakuen 2017

Cheonbuk Gakuen 2017

Cheonbuk Gakuen 2017

Cheonbuk Gakuen 2017: Firstly, there is a man who is timid and shy but has a legendary package! Chi-soo is a repeater who gets bullied by his friends. However, he had a secret about his body that rumors wouldn’t die down about… So, The secret was that he was the possessor of an outstanding package. Meanwhile, Rumors about Chi-soo spread and all the women begin to desire him. Then, Chi-soo who realizes what he has, takes revenge on those who bullied him by conquering all their women…

Secondly, A timid reporter, but a man with legendary stuff (?)!
Dimensions are bullied by friends of the same age, and it is a graduate student who gathered together with timidity. But he had a rumored physical secret … The fact that he owns an object beyond imagination (? As the rumor spreads about the dimensions, all the women crave him, and the dimensions that realize his strength begin to revenge by conquering the women around the friends who have tormented him …

치수는 동년배 친구들에게 괴롭힘을 당하는 등 소심함으로 똘똘 뭉친 재수생이다.
하지만 그에게는 소문만 무성한 신체적 비밀이 있었으니…
바로 말로만 전해져 왔던 상상을 초월한 대물(?) 소유자라는 사실.
치수에 대한 소문이 퍼지면서 모든 여자들은 그를 갈망하게 되고,
자신의 장점을 깨닫게 된 치수는 자신을 괴롭힌 친구들의 주변 여자들을 정복하며 복수를 시작하는데…

Also Known As: 청불학원 2017, 청불학원 무삭제판 2017, Cheongwon Academy 2017, Cheonbuk Gakuen Unfinished Edition 2017,Adult Only Institute 2017 full movie free online.
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance, Drama, Comedy
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 87 min
Release in South Korea: March 14, 2017
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Choi Sun-yeon 최무연
Cast: Kim Min Soo 김민수, Maintaining original 유지원, Jowanjin 조완진, Ooh 오주하, Strong 강한나, Chung Ho-yoon 정호윤, Bae Yoon Kwon 배윤권

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