Bang Ja Chronicles 2011 full movies

    Bang Ja Chronicles 2011 full movies

    Bang Ja Chronicles 2011 full movies

    Bang Ja Chronicles 2011 full movies: Firstly, A romance drama centered on the shocking and imprudent triangle love story between Bangja a servant, Chun Hyang concubine daughter and Lee Mong Ryong a scholarship.

    Secondly, The drama’s story twists around to ask what would happen if Lee Myong Ryong was unattractive, while his servant Bang Ja Jeon was attractive? During Lee Myong Ryong’s courtship with Lady Chun Hyang both parties use their servants to communicate. Finally,…

    Title: TV 방자전 / TV Bangjajun
    Also Known As: The Servant: Bang Ja Chronicles / Servant, The Untold Story of Bang Ja
    Genre: Drama, Romance, Mature
    Episodes: 4
    Broadcast network: CGV
    Broadcast date: 2011-Nov-05 to 2011-Nov-26
    Air date: Saturday 24:00

    Production Credits
    Director: Bong Man Dae
    Screenplay by: Jeon Chul Hong
    Plot Keywords: tv mini series

    Official Sites: Official site [South Korea]
    Country: South Korea
    Language: Korean
    Release Date: 5 November 2011 (South Korea)

    Lee Sun Ho as Bang Ja
    Lee Eun Woo as Choon Hyang
    Yeo Hyun Soo as Mong Ryong
    Song Sam Dong
    Yoon Ki Won as Byun Hak Do
    Lee Ah Hyun as Wol Mae
    Min Ji Hyun as Hyang Dan
    Yeo Min Jung as Wol Ran
    Kim Seung Pil as Man 3
    Lee Sang Hwa as Gae Dong Yi
    Kim Mi Rim

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    Genre: Korean 18+


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