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Bad Class 2015 full movies free online

Bad Class 2015 full movies free online

Bad Class 2015 full movies free online

Bad Class 2015 full movies free online: Firstly,  Ji-eun has a bad impression of men due to bad experiences with her father but her mom Hyeon-ah convinces her into getting tuition from an art student. Jeong-woo is surprised at how cold she is towards him but at the same time, there’s tension between the two. Meanwhile, Hyeon-ah, who is afraid something might happen between the two, calls Jeong-woo in and suggests something but he confesses his love for Hyeon-ah instead. On the other hand, They have fallen into an unappropriated relationship and Ji-eun decides to give her mom a surprise.

Secondly, Built to deny the existence of a man with bad memories of the father are subjected to extra-curricular to midaesaeng to encourage the mother (Hyun), midaesaeng (Woo) is a subtle stream flows between two and embarrassed at the attitude of unfriendly opposite built. Meanwhile, the ever built and Woo Hyun to what is called the One suggestion that is jumpy saenggilkka home, but Woo Woo is Hyun confessed to the unexpected.  Lastly, An inappropriate relationship with Woo Hyun, committed to harm the mother shocked and displeased his mother in his own way. Finally, they get what they wish and live with each other by get happiness forever…

Alternate Titles: 나쁜 수업 2015, nap-peun soo-eob 2015
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Directed by: Han Dong-ho (한동호)
Runtime: 106 min
Genre: Drama
Release date in South Korea: 01-01-2015

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Yoon Sul-hee 윤설희 As Jo Hyeon-ah (조현아)
Han Bit (한빛)
Jung Neom-chyeo (정넘쳐)
Kim Bo-hyun 김보현
Kim Joon-hee 김준희
Son Ji-wan 손지완 As Jang Deok-bae (장덕배)
Lee Chae-dam (이채담)
Lee Won-ha (이원하) as Cha Tae-min (차태민)

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