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A Suspicious Karaoke 2018 full movie free

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A Suspicious Karaoke 2018

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A Suspicious Karaoke 2018 full movie free

A Suspicious Karaoke 2018 full movie free: Firstly,Fraternal twin sisters Song and Jiae work as assistants in karaoke. They both face a case but pretend to be in good hands to be a host of karaoke.
That day the sisters had a nerve war. Then a ringing phone ring. Song “Yes ?! The boss is back ?! ”
Jiae“ Why ?! Why does such a fine person suddenly die ?! A heart attack …! ”

The sister, who devotes all her heart to her boss, is devastated. The sister receives a phone call from the landlord. One of the bosses, the half-brother half-brother will come to the new boss of the karaoke room. “My brother has a big point on my butt like me, so big.”
Two men come in, which seems not to match karaoke. The sister decides that one of them must be the new boss and tries to seduce the two men to take off their pants.

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