A suspicious employee 2017

A suspicious employee 2017

A suspicious employee 2017

A suspicious employee 2017: Firstly, Anna is a woman who works at a coffee shop, to raise funds for a party of underprivileged minors. However, the owner of Anna’s coffee shop is Lee Seung Chul. This person is a fetishist in voyeurism and rumors say he is an employee killer.
Lee Seung Chul begins to feel attracted to Anna and talks to her friend, who said she had a famous friend chef in pursuit too.
The chef is Kim Dong-jin, who works as a gangster evildoer. Then, Who will be with Anna?

Secondly, One of the big balances of “A Suspicious Employee” is in the little story that has, simple but efficient, if there is something good in the film is the narrative and the script, the cast is also not bad at all, did its right role, a adult film that contains a reasonable story whose end was very good although bad, the exaggeration of sexual scenes loses quality cinematography is limited and the soundtrack rather than romantic is sad. So, from negative, the movement of the cameras that vulgarized and did not eroticize giving the sensation of being a long filmed in background of yard.

A suspicious employee 2017

Thirdly, Ianna is an early social year. I work at the café as a commemoration for the escape of minors.
The owner of the cafe that Anna sought was Lee Seung Chul. However, This person has a voyeurism and a cafeteria employee killer.
Then one day I attracted to Anna by her friend, who said she had a famous chef friend who wanted to feed her friend.

The chef is Kim Dong – jin, who works with the gangster and the bad guy. Hence, to rape Anna, Dr. Dojin given a drink in advance to drink.
Anna wakes up without a laughing spree and becomes shamed in her own appearance and gets hurt and stops the cafe.
I decided to take revenge of my best sister Anna who got to know the case, and she started to take a look at Sukchul by snatching around Sukchul by her outfit and she started working at Sukchul ‘s cafe. It is getting more and more attracted to the white roses, which are at a glance in the specs and appearance of roses.

사회 초년생인 이안나. 미성년자 탈출 기념으로 까페에서 일을 하게 된다.
안나가 구한 까페 주인 이승철. 이 사람은 관음증이 있고 까페 종업원들 킬러다.
그러던 어느날 친한 친구 중에 유명한 쉐프 친구가 있다며 그 친구의 요리를 먹여 주고 싶다고 꼬셔 안나를 집으로 유인하게 된다.
쉐프라는 그 사람은 승철의 똘마니 노릇과 나쁜짓을 같이 일삼아 하는 김도진이다. 안나를 강간하려 도진에게 술잔에 미리 약을 타서 마시게 만든다.
실오라기 하나 걸치지 않은 채 잠에서 깨어나는 안나는 자신의 모습에 수치심을 느끼게 되어 큰 상처를 받고 까페를 그만두게 된다.
그 사건을 알게 된 안나의 친한 언니 백장미의 복수를 결심하게 되고, 야시시한 복장으로 승철의 주변을 기웃 거리며 승철의 시선에 띄기 시작하더니 급기야는 승철의 까페에서 일을 하게 된다. 장미의 스펙과 외모에 한눈에 반하게 되는 승철, 백장미에게 더욱 끌리기 시작하는데..

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Also Known As: 수상한 종업원 2017, A Suspicious Person 2017
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 75 min
Release in South Korea: October 17, 2017
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Han Dong-ho 한동호
Cast: Hae Hyun Kim 이하늘, Hyun Ji 김현지

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