A Special Lady 2017 full movies

A Special Lady 2017 full movies

A Special Lady 2017 full movies

A Special Lady 2017 full movies: Firstly, Story of a woman who fights against the ruthless world of man’s society in order to protect her only son.

Secondly, Hyeon-jeong, a used-to-be prostitute, is now the NO.2 of the gang which turns into a leading enterprise. Sang-hoon who has been picked up by Hyeon-jeong, becomes the top killer in the gang. Hyeon-jeong is the reason why he bears all the dirty works in the underworld. Dae-sik, a fierce prosecutor, gets caught in a trap by Hyeon-jeong and is now forced to help to build up the gang’s business, but seeks for the revenge. Meanwhile, the fatal weakness of Hyeon-jeong, the existence of her hidden son who she secretly gave birth in a prison, is revealed. The boy immediately becomes the target for every opponent including Sang-hoon. On the other hand, Blinded by jealousy, Sang-hoon plans to demolish the gang and negotiates with Dae-sik. Hyeon-jeong now starts the lonely fight to protect her son, who doesn’t even know his mother’s existence…

“This is the last time.

Thirdly, ” Under boss “Na Hyun Jung” (Kim Hess), who has grown up as a criminal organization, is preparing for retirement. For her, the organizer ‘s clinician (Lee Sun – gyun), who did not hesitate to do anything, does not understand her. Meanwhile, the legal raising star ‘Maximus’ (Lee Hee-joon) gets caught up in the ‘Na Hyun-jeong’ who has caught his fatal weakness, and prepares for the evil revenge using the ‘clinic hunting’. Then, The desire of three people who can not get out is getting more and more towards the catastrophe.

The cold end of hot desires,
all winners have

A Special Lady 2017 full movies

“이번이 정말 마지막이야”

범죄조직을 재계 유력기업으로 키워낸 언더보스 ‘나현정’(김혜수)은 새로운 시작을 꿈꾸며 은퇴를 준비한다. 그녀를 위해서라면 어떤 일도 서슴지 않았던 조직의 해결사 ‘임상훈’(이선균)은 그런 그녀를 이해하지 못한다. 한편, 법조계 라이징스타 ‘최대식’(이희준)은 자신의 치명적인 약점을 붙잡은 ‘나현정’으로 인해 궁지에 몰리게 되고, ‘임상훈’을 이용해 악에 찬 복수를 준비한다. 걷잡을 수 없는 세 사람의 욕망은 점점 파국을 향해 치닫는데…

뜨거운 욕망의 차가운 끝,
이기는 사람이 모두 갖는다

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Also Known As: 새 엄마 2 2017, Stepmom 2 (2017), New mother 2 2017
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance, Action •Crime •Film noir
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 91 min
Filming began: 2016/01/28
Release in South Korea: 2017/11/09
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Lee An-gyoo (이안규)
Screenplay by Lee An-gyoo (이안규)
Cast: Kim Hye-soo (김혜수) as Hyeon-jeong (현정), Lee Sun-kyun (이선균) as Sang-hoon (상훈), Lee Hee-joon (이희준) as Prosecutor Choi (최검사), Choi Moo-sung (최무성) as Chairman Kim (김회장), Kim Min-suk (김민석)as Joo-hwan (주환), Oh Ha-nee (오하늬) as Wei (웨이), Ahn So-young (안소영) as Mrs. Kim (김여사), Cha Soon-bae (차순배) as President Jang (장이사장), Shin Sung-il-I (신성일) as Driver Shin (신기사), Lee Hyeon-geol (이현걸) as Sang-hoon’s Young Man 1 (상훈청년1), Kim Tae-gyum (김태겸) as
Sang-hoon’s Young Man 2 (상훈청년2), Choi Se-yong (최세용) as Sang-hoon’s Young Man 3 (상훈청년3), ….

Thus, A Special Lady 2017 full movies is the best movies we should watch at free time together with friend or lover or family…

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