A Room With a View Delicious Sex 2012

A Room With a View Delicious Sex 2012

A Room With a View Delicious Sex 2012

A Room With a View Delicious Sex 2012: Firstly, Freeters Takashi stagestruck it comes to buying lunch every day man who fall in love (Kinoshita citrus fruit flower) horsetail to the day and night at a convenience store bytes, (Nakamura British children). One day, locate the profile of the charge that left behind in the copy machine convenience store, horsetail visit to his house to rely on the address listed there. By some freak coincidence, horsetail you happen to know the hiding place of the duplicate key of Takashi into his room.

Garbage scattered room of Takashi. Is not overlooked the room of such him, horsetail to start cleaning and turn the washing machine.   It is horsetail hiding in the closet in a hurry, but not be out out all night, have become able to see all the details the etch her and Takashi from the closet.

Next morning, to leave the room by placing the cash for Takashi who had murmured while gently touching the body of Takashi sleeping in bed with her horsetail and in trouble with running out of money. The frequent a room of Takashi, you can repair the radio Kowarekake each time, you can go at a cash for Takashi broke, horsetail Since that day.  It had a duplicate key, the spree do with affection ultimate in Takashi was the …. horsetail that One day, was hiding in the closet as usual would be find in the Takashi • • •. Really, love or born between Takashi and horsetail spree trying to do with unconditional love? ! Bad man and woman de M ultimate weave. Hangul: 전망 좋은 방 – 맛있는 섹스
Director: Lee Se-il (이세일)

Cast: Lee Se-il
Year: 2012-01-01
Genre: Drama | Erotic
Runtime: 55 min.
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

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