A Rented Room In Heaven 2014

A Rented Room In Heaven 2014

A Rented Room In Heaven 2014

A Rented Room In Heaven 2014: Firstly, Hwa-Sim is a prostitute who believes in love. Joon-Chi is a novelist. He wanders around aimlessly and eventually settles in with Hwa-Sim. Sunny, also a prostitute and someone that looks up to Hwa-Sim, appears in their relationship.

John-ji, a frustrated and badly off writer, fell for a prostitute, Hwa. And they used to have sex very often. One day. Hwa’s sister, Sung hee came to Hwa asking for her help. Joon-ji found that Sung-hee was the girl he saved from the gangs a few days ago. And they even makde love in the telephone booth. A few days later, those gangs came to mess up their place and Hwa told Sung-hee to get hide in Joon-jl’s room. But Sung-hee seduced Joon-ji and they made love again while Hwa was tortured by the gangs…. Finally,

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Movie: A Rented Room In Heaven
Revised romanization: Cheongukui Setbang
Hangul: 천국의 셋방
Director: Kim Jae-Soo
Release Date: December 11, 2014
Runtime: 96 min.
Genre: Drama
Distributor: Mountain Pictures
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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Oh Sung-Tae
Ha Hee-Kyoung
Jang Du-Yi
Yoo Ji-Hyun
Lee Sung-Kyung

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