A Lusty Wife’s Double Life 2017

A Lusty Wifes Double Life 2017

A Lusty Wife’s Double Life 2017

A Lusty Wifes Double Life 2017: Firstly, An average office worker marries a young wife with whom he is smitten. While he’s away, he wife likes to play with her friends.

Secondly, The average worker husband formula recently married a young bride. On the other hand, his young wife, Democracy, calls her ex-girlfriend and her friends when her husband goes to work, and they enjoy drinking, gambling, and sexually intertwined sex at a democratic house every day.

평범한 직장인 남편 공식은 얼마 전 어린 신부와 결혼을 했다. 그리고 그는 하루 종일 어린 아내(민주)만 생각한다.어린 아내 민주는 남편이 출근을 하면 옛애인과 친구들을 부르고그들은 매일 매일 민주네 집에서 술과 도박, 문란한 성관계를 즐긴다.

Also Known As: 철없는 아내의 이중생활 2017,cheol-eobs-neun a-nae-eui l-jung-saeng-hwal 2017, The double life of a irony wife 2017
Directed by Choi Seok-won-I (최석원)
Screenplay by:
Runtime: 67 min
Release in South Korea: November 23, 2017
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Cast: Kim Jung-min-VIII (김정민), Jeon Bo-ra (전보라), Sang Woo (상우)

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