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A Good Lawyers Wife 2003 full movies

A Good Lawyers Wife 2003 full movies

A Good Lawyers Wife 2003 full movies

A Good Lawyers Wife 2003 full movies: Firstly,Ju Yeong-jak (Hwang Jung-min) is a successful lawyer who works long hours. While he is working, his wife Eun Ho-jeong (Moon So-ri), who gave up her dancing career in order to be “a good lawyer’s wife,” raises their young adopted son (Kim Young-chan) and works as a dance instructor in the local gym.

Ju Yeong-jak’s father, Ju Chang-geun (Kim In-mun), an alcoholic with a terminal liver failure, has not slept with his wife Hong Byung-han (Youn Yuh-jung) in 15 years. She is having an affair with another man, and when Chang-geun finally dies, she tells Yeong-jak and Ho-jeong about her relationship with the other man—an old friend from her grade school—and says that she even plans to marry him. Her daughter-in-law Ho-jeong supports her.

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  • Movie: A Good Lawyer’s Wife
  • Revised Romanization: Baramnan Gajok
  • Hangul: 바람난 가족
  • Director: Im Sang-Soo
  • Writer: Im Sang-Soo
  • Producer: Shim Jae-Myung, Shim Bo-Kyung, Shin Chul
  • Cinematographer: Kim Woo-Hyung
  • Release Date: August 15, 2003
  • Runtime : 104min.
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Language: Korean


Moon So-Ri as Eun Ho-Jung

Hwang Jung-Min as Joo Young-Jak

Bong Tae-Gyu as Shin Ji-Woon

Youn Yuh-Jung as Hong Byung-Han

Kim In-Mun as Joo Chang-Geun

Baek Jeong-Rim as Kim Yeon

A Good Lawyers Wife 2003 full movies

More Cast Member:
  • Kim Yeo-Jin – Eun Ho-Jung friend
  • Lee Chun-Hee – Kim Yeon’s new lover
  • Sung Ji-Ru – postman
  • Kim Eung-Soo – Yang Taek-Sik
  • Park Kil-Soo – cop investigating car accident
  • Kim Byung-Choon – Jang Woon-Joo
  • Jang Joon-Young – Joo Soo-In
  • Lee Jae-Gu – Park Jae-Goo
  • Jung Jae-Jin – project engineer
  • Lee Bong-Kyu – chief of a police substation at small town
  • Jo Duk-Je – Detective
  • Jung Jin-Gak – Shin Gye-Dong
  • Jang Nam-Yeol – snack cart owner

Film Festivals

  • 2012 (16th) Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival – July 19-29, 2012 – Myung Film Retrospective

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Genre: Korean 18+


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