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A Female Doctor 2016

A Female Doctor 2016

A Female Doctor 2016

A Female Doctor 2016: Firstly, “Eat coming? Chicken”Real Madrid’s jjamtun topic <tide Comics> filmed!  On the other hand, A naked report on the thumbs and tongues of men and women!

Episode 1.  Secondly, A husband and wife go up to a marriage in spite of a short love affair and a short love affair. So, I enjoy the life of a newly married couple sharing a passionate love in every place of the house. Hence, As the sweet honeymoon passed and time passed, the bomber was slowly coming to the house of her boss. Then, The secret eye of the husband ‘s boss toward his wife. Therefore, Jealously jealous husband reignites a passionate love for his wife …

Episode 2.  Thirdly, “Soweul”, who started his career as a homecoming alumnus and a chowder deliverer , returns home after work and delivers chicken with a glass of cool beer to soothe his weary body. Even though, By the way. The young man who came to the delivery was nothing but a high school alumnus who had a crush on high school. In order to see him frequently, ‘Choyo’ and ‘Plateau’ confirm each other ‘s feelings and develop into a lover relationship while delivering chiken in the evening.

Episode 3. However, She is proud of me at TOEI Gakuen, and she is a TOKI Gakuen teacher who does not get good grades. “Every time I receive more than 90 points on my own, I will give a wish.”  I thought that I would buy a delicious rice with a light heart, and I offered to make a wish, but the wish of the student is getting more and more drastic! Finally,….

A Female Doctor 2016

“치킨 먹고 갈래?”
짬툰 화제의 웹툰 <썰만화> 영화화! 남녀의 썸 & 썰에 관한 적나라한 보고서!

Episode 1. 남편 약 올려 한 썰
짧은 연애기간에도 불구하고 결혼에 골인한 두 남녀. 집안 곳곳에서 격정적인 사랑을 나누며 신혼생활을 만끽한다. 달콤했던 신혼이 지나고 시간이 흐르자 서서히 권태기가 찾아오던 중 우연히 남편 직장상사의 집들이에 참석하게 된다. 아내에게 향한 남편 직장상사의 은밀한 눈길. 질투심에 사로잡힌 남편은 아내를 향한 격정적인 사랑을 다시 불태우는데…

Episode 2. 치킨 배달하던 동창과 한 썰
갓 사회생활을 시작한 ‘소율’은 퇴근 후 집으로 돌아와 지친 몸을 달래기 위해 시원한 맥주 한잔과 함께할 치킨을 배달시킨다. 그런데. 배달을 온 청년은 다름아닌 고등학교 때 짝사랑하던 동창생 ‘고원’이었다. 그를 자주 보기 위해 저녁마다 치킨 배달을 시키면서 ‘소율’과 ‘고원’은 서로의 감정을 확인하고, 연인관계로 발전한다.

Episode 3. 토익 학원에서 제자랑 한 썰
잘 나가는 토익학원 선생인 그녀는 성적이 오르지 않아 고민인 학생의 상담을 받고는 학생에게 솔깃한 제안을 한다. “자체 시험에서 90점 이상을 받을 때 마다 소원을 들어주겠다”. 가벼운 마음으로 맛있는 밥 한끼 사주면 될 거라고 생각하고 소원 들어주기 제안을 했지만 학생의 소원은 점점 더 과감해져 간다!

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Also Known As: 썰만화 2016, sseol-man-hwa 2016, Comic Stories 2016, Low-tide cartoon 2016
Directed by Ahn Il-hwan (안일환)
Screenplay by Ahn Il-hwan (안일환), Park Jin-ha (박진하)
Runtime: 93 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/02/25
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Cast: Lee Chae-dam 이채담 As TOEIC instructor (토익선생님), Lee Eun-I 이은 As Wife (아내), Jin Wook 진욱 As Husband (남편), Kang Min-seong 강민성 As Do-won (도원), Choi I-bi 최이비 As So-yool (소율), Jeon Jae-bin 전재빈 As Student (제자), Kim Tae-sung (김태성) Writer (작가), Yoon Jeong-yeol (윤정열) Head of department (부장)

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