A Delicious Flight 2015​ full movies

A Delicious Flight 2015​ full movies

A Delicious Flight 2015​ full movies

A Delicious Flight 2015​ full movies: Firstly,​ The in- flight service for Hong Kong starts now!An erotic story that took place in the spacious blue sky!

Secondly, An innocent actress runs away from the scandal with an idol, the impudent idol that ruined her career, a passionate manager who is devoted to her and his ex-girlfriend who is now a sexy stewardess. However, These four that should never be together run into each other in an airplane. No one can run away and the most cheeky and erotic things happen here.

Synonymous with pitiful innocent, but fled to the sex scandal with actress idol, until Valence screwed all her idol career, ever loyal passionate manager, and now to the former girlfriend of a sexy flight attendant manager for her! The four men never met should not encountered in flight. I can not run away from there too balchik and awfully unfold the hottest romance. Finally,…

맛있는 비행 (mas-iss-neun bi-haeng)
Directed by Choi Sang-hoon-I (최상훈)
Genre: •Melodrama •Romance
Runtime: 97min
Release date in South Korea : 2015/10/22
Country: South Korea
Lanugage: Korean

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Son Deok-ki 손덕기 As Cheol-i (철이)
Jeong Yoo-jin-I 정유진 As Ae-ri (애리)
Shin Yoo-joo 신유주 As Sin-yeong (신영)
Jeon Hyeon-soo 전현수 As Tae-seong (태성)
Kim Hong-je 김홍제 As Assistant director (조감독)
Soo Ji 수지
Yeong Ah (영아)

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